12 February,2021

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“There is nothing permanent except change”, thus said Heraclitus more than 2,500 years ago. In 2020, we are witnessing one of the most disruptive changes of this century. For the human race that thrives on personal connect, the forced isolation and social distancing has been no less than a punishment. For businesses, though digital engagement ensured business continuity, the loss of personal connect with the customers has created a vacuum.

It’s time to bring it back!...

The 21st edition of CIO&Leader Annual Conference with the theme – The Future of Enterprise – Connect, Co-create, Lead – is a multi-stakeholder platform for the IT community to bond, build and lead virtually. The unique blend of activities at the conference is designed to breach the limits on the scale and scope of interaction imposed by the pandemic. It provides participants the opportunity to:

Connect: Engage in Deep and Immersive Interaction with CIOs
Co-Create: Leverage the Power of Collective Wisdom
Lead: Build the New Technology Roadmap for the New Normal

The future is here and now, and a lot depends on how we seize the opportunities to shape the things to come. The conference is such an opportunity where you can join India’s top IT leaders to chart the course that not just businesses, but also the technology industry would take. Learn about the technology needs of the industry, explore the technology choices available and co-create the technology roadmap for post-pandemic India.

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The format for one. The Future of Enterprise will drive connections, collaborations and creations totally digitally. The conference is future-driven, meaning the results of the online deliberations will guide the IT community in the post-pandemic future. The agenda of the conference will be driven by 13 Technology Advisory Committees that will discuss IT strategies and techniques to address business challenges and tap into opportunities in the New Normal.

The results of these brainstorming sessions will be captured in reference guides that will set the benchmark for the industry....

Why Attend ?

The Future of Enterprise is a CIO platform. Find your peers and industry leaders here, renew your connections and forge new ones. Participate in the brainstorming sessions and write the script for the future of India’s enterprise technology. Connect, co-create, lead!

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